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The series "Fear," includes three sculptural compositions based on static images in time and history, in what became a 3D report of inner experiences. 

The culminating work in the series is my self-portrait, a 3D scan called "23.02.2022," made on the eve of the full-scale invasion of Ukraine by the russian army. Whether we like it or not, anxiety is always directly related to expectation. Because the essence of fear is the expectation of a negative situation. It is this reality that is the most difficult to fight. I wanted no matter what to believe in the best, but the hardest part was being prepared for the worst.


Fear is the diagnosis of our days. It has many faces, and it is substantially internal rather than external. Therefore, I do not see fear as an emotion or a feeling, but as a state. Fear emerges with the realization of great danger and the small possibility of avoiding it . But fear is not a result obtained in an instant. It is a feeling that can mature in us and gradually build up to the point where it eventually transforms into a state. The first work called "January 2022" is about realizing this fact.


The third work "May 2022" is about fear, which, after reaching its peak, has not disappeared but, on the contrary, has taken up permanent residence in our lives. It is about silence, which can be disturbing in the dimensions of the sound of falling rockets. And about how we will have to learn again to love and trust  silence. To return to life as a flow with an open future, not a pause between threats.

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