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polystyrene, plaster, wood, beach sand, 120 cm, 2019

In 2018, during a volunteer event, I 3D scanned a theater group of mentally handicapped children. From the children's scan, I felt the strong dynamics of the non-verbal message that the 3D scan could detect. Since then, I have been returning to the children's 3D scans in my thoughts and wanted to share my feelings. Thanks to these strong feelings, I created these sculptures of two boys based on their 3D scans.


Ukrainian writer Lyubko Deresh about the project:

“Encountered in Brno with the "The Little Clownery" theater improvisation group, which was created by Jiri Priesnitz for her handicapped son and other children with developmental disabilities, Pavla decided to make a project that would reflect her feelings from meeting the theater and its members. The uniqueness of the theater is that children can play roles that they choose themselves. This is a great irony of our society, because most so-called normal people want to try themselves in the role of someone else, while children with disabilities are forced to play certain roles for the benefit of others, and only in the studio of improvisation do they get the opportunity to be themselves.

For six months Pavla visited the young theater participants, talking with them, trying to get a better feel for their world and inner state. This deeply empathic work resulted in two sculptures, The Voice of the Sea and The Drummer, named after the roles that the children chose for themselves in one of the improvisations.“

Citation translated from Ukrainian from the essay “Ghetto Guilt: How to Break the Wall Between “Normal” People and People with Developmental Disabilities“, [online]  Apostroph, 1.7.2019

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