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New Password

the research project, 2019

Inspired by the “Pornostudy“ course at FaVU VUT (Faculty of Fine Arts of Brno University of Technology, Czech Republic), 
I imagined that there is an erotic magazine for artists and I am its editor-in-chief. I would have no trouble working with content, but being the face of it would be difficult. 

I started the project, as usual, with myself. And therefore, with the question of what the editor-in-chief of this magazine should look like. I turned to Ukrainian transvestite diva Monro to help in that realm.
My aim was to create such an identity. As I couldn‘t imagine how to transform myself, since I am quite happy with my normal appearance, I turned to a Ms. Monro for advice on creating the image. For someone who has a deeper understanding of subtleties than both women or a men.

In my opinion, in today's world, it's easy to lose yourself in one image or another. The main idea was to find someone who would help me with my image but not damage my personality.

In a personal meeting, Diva Monroe told me straight away: “you are a sculptor, you work in the static genre and you are static“.

Based on some great tips, an image of me as editor-in-chief of the magazine was created.

The visual result of the project:
1. Photo of the editor of an erotic magazine for artists called New Password.
2. Magazine cover.

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